With an influx of passing around the league in recent years, defensive backs are being selected in drafts early and often. Last year for example, there were 17 taken in the first three rounds alone which means they would of had end values above $450,000 in Play The Draft. For that reason, positions such as cornerback and safety are nice investments in the game as you know that their will be a heavy run on them. While some will emerge later on in the draft process, there were others who posted impressive numbers at the combine or created some buzz that helped elevated their statuses.

Jalen Ramsey: It's hard to believe, but the FSU standout managed to increase the hype surrounding him. It was predicted that Ramsey would test extremely well at the combine and that he did. Checking in at 6'1" 209 pounds, he ran a 4.41 forty, and added a 41.5 inch vertical to go along with a broad jump of 11-3. With comparisons to players such as Patrick Peterson and the ability to fill in at corner or safety, Ramsey is highly unlikely to get past the fifth pick.

Oddly enough, while Ramsey is a fantastic prospect he might not be worth it in PTD. From the start, he was a consensus top six or seven pick which limited any "buy low" opportunity. Now at the time of this writing, he is the third most expensive player in the game and should go anywhere from three to five in the draft. There just isn't that much upside in the stock left to be had. If you have Ramsey, your best bet could be to sell and invest in two or three players you feel have high upside on draft day but are currently overlooked.

William Jackson III: There were few players who made a bigger name for themselves this past college football season than Jackson. A player who started his collegiate career in junior college before playing at Houston, Jackson managed to get better each year. With the ball skills shown on tape, teams already had to of been very intrigued, but he managed to improve his stock even more.

Checking in with ideal size at 6'0" 189 pounds, Jackson clocked in a 4.37 forty and also received high marks for his work in the position drills. Now if you're looking to replace Ramsey with a high upside selection, here is your guy. Currently in PTD, Jackson's salary is reflective of a player that will be selected around the ninth or tenth pick of the second round. After this performance, there is a very good chance he will be gone by the end of the first. Don't be surprised if his stock continues to rise as the draft approaches.

Deiondre' Hall: An interesting trend that has developed thanks to the Seahawks "Legion of Boom" is teams and drafniks alike paying more attention to arm length when evaluating defensive backs. The Seahawks minimum length that they look for apparently is around 32, which is not overly common for the position. Here is where this defensive back out of Northern Iowa comes into play. Hall checks in with an arm length of 34 and 3/8 which is comparable to an offensive tackle.

It is also worth noting that Hall isn't afraid of contact and showed he will get physical with receivers and in run support. While his timed speed isn't great, teams are going to look and see the recent production of bigger corners such as Trumaine Johnson or envision a potential safety if he added some bulk. On PTD, his price is below the third round salary despite showing recent growth. Being from a small school, the casual fan wouldn't know much about Hall, but there is a very good chance he will selected high enough on day two that his stock could net a nice profit.