Since 2001, in the last 15 drafts quarterbacks have been selected first overall 11 times. That’s what made the Tennessee Titans initially having that pick very interesting. Having drafted Marcus Mariota second overall last year, the Titans weren’t in need of a quarterback this time around. While there are blue chip prospects at the top of this draft, the Titans were probably hoping a bigtime offer would come around to trade down which it did.

The Los Angeles Rams swooped in yesterday and offered too many picks for the Titans to pass up. At this point, the Rams are going to take a quarterback, just which one is the question. Regardless, this shakes up how the rest of the draft will play out for many top prospects. In turn, it also impacts their stock on Play the Draft. Here are some of the players that will be impacted by the shakeup at the top of the draft board.

Jared Goff: I started with Goff as multiple reports have suggested he is the leading candidate for the Rams. Despite that, it isn’t set in stone as they plan on using the next two weeks to decide between him and Carson Wentz. In Play the Draft, Goff would see a huge gain if indeed selected number one. At the time of writing, Goff‘s price is reflective of the 6th overall pick. That indicates there is some nice value on the board if he’s the Rams guy. However, the floor for his price isn’t as high as Wentz’s. If you buy Goff’s stock, it is best to ride the wave of first pick hype for a few days and then sell.

Carson Wentz: At this point I’m convinced that Wentz’s draft floor is second overall. Not bad for a prospect casual fans hadn’t heard of until a few months ago. At the time of writing, Wentz’s price is slightly higher than Goff’s with a price point sitting closer to the 5th pick than the 6th. Based on what I think his floor is, there would be a return at minimum of around $600,000 if you bought Wentz at this point in time. Those who bought him when player trading opened and have held should be ecstatic.

Jalen Ramsey: Despite being the top prospect available in this class, it looks like Ramsey might at best go third overall. For the sake of this article, I’m assuming Goff goes number one which would then lead to Wentz at two. If that does come into play, Ramsey’s floor is still what it has been to me since the draft process began which is 5th overall to the Jaguars. While that is a nice floor, Ramsey is currently the closest price to the number one overall pick on PTD meaning if you bought now and held through the draft, you’re certain to lose on your investment. Unless you bought Ramsey at his initial price which is in the fifth to sixth overall range, there isn’t any reason to hold at this time.

Laremy Tunsil: Tunsil of these prospects could end up being the biggest loser out of this new scenario. At multiple points, Tunsil’s price on PTD was higher than what it would be worth if he was selected first overall (seriously) and now he isn’t a sure bet to go top five. Like Ramsey, he could be in play at three with the Chargers, but after that it gets unclear.

The Cowboys aren’t going to go offensive lineman at four and the Jaguars might not be able to pass up a blue chip defensive prospect even though they could use help on the line. Heck, depending on who is available for the Ravens even with the need on the offensive line they might not be able to turn down the chance of adding an impact defensive player. With an initial price hovering around first overall, Tunsil is a must sell at this point. However depending on how far his price falls (which it has started to), there’s a chance he might actually earn you a small return on investment if he does indeed go top five.